Printed Tees for Marching Bands to Football Teams to Family Reunions!

Custom T-Shirts for Midtown Atlanta GA and the Greater Metro Area

From midtown Atlanta, GA to the greater metro area, marching bands are serious business! It’s one thing to play an instrument, another to play, and march, to compete! In sports seasons, it’s not just the team that’s on the line – the marching band has rehearsed to look their best and compete against the other school as well. Countless hours go into rehearsals for not only instruments but marching in time, best steps, formations and so on. From the Director to the Drum Major to the sousaphone to the cymbalist – everyone has to be in sync, which means a lot of practice. It’s heavy on the performers – and heavy on their clothing! Practice in the heat, the cold, early, late – it all goes in to making the best performers and the best marching band you can. From football season to parades… and when contest season hits, look out!

But you know the drill. And whether it’s band camp or pep band or competition – you want to bond the players with sharp-looking t-shirts. We’ll help you by discussing what’s best for the wear and tear, and help you come up with your custom design – that’s going to print great the first time and last as long as possible.

Marching band members and parents alike know that when the event is over the shirt isn’t done. In many ways its life has just begun! The band shirt becomes a source of pride, and as the years progress the upper-classmen and women have their proof of experience to show the rookies. Point is – the shirt has to last and look great years after received. We get it – and we put all that into the shirts we deliver to clients daily!

To us, quality of printing means we ensure high quality on:

  • Non-fading – ink that withstands the heat, sweat, storms and all the elements!
  • Detail of image – want an entire sheet of music printed on your shirts? We can do that – and ensure the notes are readable!
  • Boldness of color – Good, bright colors are what grab your attention. We want to keep grabbing that attention years later!
  • No cracking – lesser-quality ink can crack. Ours stays firm, consistent and strong.
  • Shirt quality – because the ink doesn’t matter if the clothing itself can’t hold up and take a beating!

The conditions require the best. There are summer band camps – marching in the unbearably humid Hotlanta summer sun! The shirts have to withstand the sun and soak up the sweat from endless hours of field marching. Then – the shirts aren’t done. In spring it’s the pollen and thunderstorms. And in fall and winter it’s the dry winds. Between the elements and heavy marching, those shirts go through the wash a lot! Quality shirts retain the printing and shirt colors alike – we should know – we make them every day for happy customers. Marching bands make memories – and the shirts have to preserve these. We’ll make sure they do.

The marching bands aren’t the only side of the field that needs good printed t-shirts. Our custom printed shirts are also great for the football team – or any sports team for that matter! We know the weather conditions and the conditions on the players themselves, and we’ve got the shirts to withstand it all.

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